Global agro commodities supplier company for human consumption and animal feed products & supplements.

Animal Feed

We specialize in customer required formula feed and provide wide range of meals, supplements and additives. We are currently trading medium to large quantity of Animal Feed products such as Feed Ingredients, Meals, Hay, Forage, Animal Protein, Feed Additives and Speciality Ingredients.

We facilitate and export products in bags, bulk in containers and vessel loads. We serve the following industries, Poultry Integration, Cattle, Dairy, Equine, Speciality, Feed Mills, Aqua Farms and Solvent Extraction Plants. Products we deal in are as follow:

Animal Feed / Ingredients:
• Feed grade (Corn, Wheat, Barley, Soya)
• Soymeal
• Soy Hull Pellets
• Canola Meal
• Sugar Beet Pellets
• Sunflower Meal
• Alfalfa Hay
• Corn Gluten Meal
• CPC-50
• Wheat Midds
• Cottonseed Meal
• Turbo Meal
• Blood Meal
• Amino Plus
• Oats Meal
• Provail Advantage
• Roasted Soybean
• Bakery Feed
• Soya Plus
• Citric Pulp Shreds